Checking earned bonus points (platinum gift and room cleaning)

Discussion created by hojongsoo on Nov 22, 2015
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Hey all,


I need some clarification on Marriott points. I have never really looked closely at my points accumulation for each stay, but lately I feel a particular hotel has been failing to post platinum gift points (500 points) and the "no room cleaning service" (500 points for each day) that it just recently offered. When I went to the front desk at this hotel, the person said "He will look into it and send my stays to billing to see if points were no posted correctly". The way he said this did not sit with me well at all, and so here I am about talking about points.


Below is a stay that I believe I was credited to correctly. I am specifically looking at the the 2,000 extra points. This was the first week this particular hotel began offering/marketing 500 additional bonus points for each day if you declined room cleaning, but for ONLY 3 consecutive days. So the maximum you could earn would be 1500 points? After 3 consecutive days it is a mandatory room cleaning.

Though it does not specifically designate what the extra points were for, I believe 500 was for the my platinum elite gift, and 1500 were for 3 days of no room cleaning service. All good here.


marriott full.JPG




However look at my most recent stay below. there is 500 bonus points for my platinum gift, but where are the 1500 points for no room cleaning service? I definitely declined 3 consecutive days for no room cleaning. I mean who wouldn't right? free points!


marriott no room cleaning.JPG


Then look at this stay below...no 500 points for platinum gift? 


marriott no bonus.JPG


Here is my very first stay at this hotel which I believe posted my platinum gift correctly. (extra points for declining room cleaning was not offered at the time).


marriott platinum gift only.JPG




Also, can someone explain to me the base, elite, and extra point designations? Are platinum gift points part of your base points? or the elite? or are they the extra?