Is there a fault in the MR program?

Discussion created by fistuk on Nov 23, 2015
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Hi insiders,


I was wondering about an issue concerning the downgrade logic of elite members when they didn't accumulate enough nights during a year:

Let's, for the example*, have a look at two platinum members:

1. Member A accumulated about 55 nights this year.

2. Member B accumulated no nights this year (0 nights).

* Ignore any promotional offers or challenges and assume none was offered in this case, since not all members get those.


The annoying fact is that both of them will be downgraded to a gold status the following year!

1. While member A has actually stayed loyal and accumulated a very decent number of nights during this year he's gaining absolutely nothing out of it in relation to his status!! He could have been a new member and still achieving the gold status this year anyhow - his platinum status means nothing!!!

2. Since he knew in advance he won't be able to stay 75 nights this year Member B decided not to stay at all (maybe moved to another program...), thus enjoying the simple fact he'll only be downgraded to gold next year - which is still a big plus (differences between gold to platinum aren't that significant).


To me it seems very unfair towards members who actually stayed loyal. Marriott treats all the same and ignores some very significant facts.


What do you think?