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32 Years with MRI!  Thanks for all the Memories!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Nov 20, 2015
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Share any wonderful thoughts and experiences you may have with fellow MRI's!


Having been in the program since 11/20/83, It's fun to share special memories.  Two aspects of the "Ride" really make the experience special!


First is the wonderful fellow MRI's I have been so fortunate to have personally met over the decades. People like:


SG, and Chris in London!


zukracer, in London,


How about Arkwright, in London as well!


These are all "Lovely people" with many travel stories and experiences to share!


Oters "Stand-out" as well!


nuhusker, (May he RIP)


He was a wonderful MRI, and really provided a memorable time in Burlington, Iowa, with Sue at The FF!

I don't  want to forget another MRI, "VIP" and that is,


bejacob The man who will visit every county in The USA!  He's a most interesting guy, and we love his experiences.


The other part of my celebration is just "Thanking" the hundreds of wonderful Marriott people who have brought such fond memories of so many places  and provided quality travel times to my life!


Thank all of you!  It's been a lot of fun, and hopefully there will be a lot more great times for all of us! Hope to meet many more MRI's!