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Missing MR points when booking from rooming list

Question asked by zebra75 on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by deannad

I travel nearly every weekend with a small group of people and in most locations, we have a group rate set up.  Some locations we stay at Marriotts, and some at CY's.  Each week we provide the hotel with a group rooming list and they respond with confirmation numbers for each individual group member.  I'm responsible for making the reservations and obtaining the confirmations for the group, so I typically provide my MR number at the time of my reservation so that it's already on my individual reservation when I get there.  My experience is that when we stay at a CY, within minutes after I email my MR number to the coordinator, I can see the reservation on my mobile app.  Also, after checkout, my MR points post to my account within 2 days.  HOWEVER, when we stay at a full-service Marriott, the reservation does not show on my mobile app and I ALWAYS have to wait 10-days and then send in a missing stay form.  Since the reservation doesn't show on my mobile (or online) when I check in at a Marriott, I ask again to add my MR number to the reservation and they always tell me it's already there (and confirm it's correct).  I also always verify it shows on my final reciept.  The ONE time I stayed at a Marriott hotel where we did not have a group rate and I made my reservation direct online, the reservation showed up on my mobile and the MR points posted to my account the same day I checked out.  All that to ask a question...


Do any of the insiders or moderators know what the difference between the CY's and the full-service Marriotts are when it comes to making group reservations with a rooming list?  Why do they not show up online and why do they not post automatically?  It's frustrating to have to chase points every week.