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Have you been threatened with arrest by a front desk employee?

Question asked by drchucklesboomboom on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by john_thai

Hi all! It has been awhile since I have posted in here but have an unusual and unfortunate question and seek advice. I've been traveling a lot, as usual, and my travels last night took me to the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Bedford PA as I was coming back from a trip to Washington DC.


The check-in was ok, the host friendly, keys handed over quickly. I arrived at my room and discovered fast food containers in the room, as well as a ton of dead bugs over by the window. Called the front desk and asked to please be moved to a different, clean, room since I was unsure if someone was using this room or if it was just not cleaned. No problem she said, come to the front desk and get new keys, so I did.


Arrived at the second room and it was initially ok. However, trying to sleep, I discovered that the "bed" was basically a large brick with a pillow top (ie, not comfortable), the fridge kept clicking all night, and the heater made sounds when it came on and off. Tossed and turned all night.


Then at 8:15 AM there is a knocking at the door and housekeeping loudly chatting in the hall... on the one day I did not have to get up early... 8:15 AM housekeeping? Really? My room didn't even have a do not disturb sign. She came back at 10:15 and used her keycard to try and get on but I had the door guard engaged and she could not get in as I sat there in my underwear doing work on my laptop.


So, I go to check-out at 11:45 AM, slide my keycard across the counter to the associate/manager, Brandy Wright, and she immediately gets snarky and asks why I am throwing my keycard at her. I say I am not doing that, and I don't appreciate the accusation and her attitude. I also state the other problems experienced. She does nothing about it except give more attitude. So I take a picture so as to remember her name and department (Operations Manager) and she goes jihad! She starts telling me that she is calling the State Police on me if I don't delete her picture and I don't have permission and blah blah blah. She comes around the counter to within two feet of me and I don't know what she is going to do as the general manager, Tom Lear, gets off of his telephone and states "we have all of your personal information on our computer and we are not afraid to use it". So, under this dual threat and the fact that this woman has come around the counter and is standing right next to me literally breathing on me, I delete the photo. And as I am walking out the door, the GM tells me that he is going to personally "open a case with Marriott" against me. WTH?!?


My blood pressure, according to my portable wrist unit as I waited in the car calming down, was 215/120. My entire body was shaking. I have never had any experience even similar to this before in my life. Especially as a Platinum member.


However, after looking at their TripAdvisor reviews, I see that this Brandy Wright has been rude to multiple other guests in the past year, and if you read the "management responses" by the manager, Tom Lear, you can read how he tries to blame the guests when they report problems on TripAdvisor. That kind of says a lot about the (lack of) service mentality at this location.


So, anyway, my question... what do you recommend that I do about this? The GM was one of the people who threatened me with arrest by the PA State Police (groundless accusation after doing research into photo laws this evening as it turns out), so i obviously won't get jack from this guy. I am shaking again just remembering the experience!


Thanks for all who answer!