Staying at Home or Traveling During the Holidays?

Discussion created by deannad on Nov 17, 2015
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Hey Insiders,


It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season has almost arrived! I’m curious to hear what tips, recommendations, or personal experiences you have during the holidays. 


I have never traveled during the holidays as pretty much all my close and extended family lives in CT, so when we were young, my family used to have family parties on Christmas day, with probably 40-50 people stopping in throughout the day. There was a lot of prep work in terms of cleaning the house, helping set up tables and chairs with holiday décor throughout the house, and assisting our parents with any cooking we could. It was a lot of work but with a family of 5 it ended up getting done within a matter of hours and before we knew it, family started to arrive and all the hard work paid off!

If you stay local, how do you prepare for guests’ arrival?


If you travel, what are the best ways you’ve found to optimize the undertaking of holiday travel?


What are some traditions you’ve adopted / incorporated over the years? How were you introduced to them?


If you have tips for how you travel using your Rewards points during the holidays, please share your insights! This thread may also be a good place to share: Holiday Travel Tips - We Want Your Input!


I’ve scoured the internet and found this article from the Travel Channel that gives some valuable information to incorporate for the upcoming season, and hopefully if you’re a holiday traveler you’ve already got some of these under your belt!


If you stay at home and prepare for family or friends to stay during the holidays, this page from HGTV is filled with tons of tips and ideas!



I look forward to hearing your feedback!