RITZ CARLTON - Some Questions, Some Opinions

Discussion created by misterchk on Nov 16, 2015
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Why is Ritz Carlton a separate loyalty program?  Is that an insult to those that only stay at JW's etc?


Why are our benefits, that have been acquired by blind loyalty to Marriott not recognized at Ritz properties?


Are members of Marriott  Rewards second class citizens.


Last week I visited a close friend that was staying at the new Ritz property next to the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles.  He was on a business trip and was in downtown on what must have been a slow period as the Ritz was running room rates that were a few dollars less (really) than the JW located on the same piece of real estate.


At breakfast the morning after he arrived he described how embarrassed he was when checking in.  There evidently is a special check in desk or queue for Ritz Elite Members - he went to that desk and was told, loudly enough for others to here.  "You're not really supposed to use this desk, it's for Rtiz Elite members, not MR. BUT, we will let you this time.


THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN -  A budget member staying frequently at Fairfield or Town Suites doesn't receive this type of treatment when checking into a JW!  I don't understand why our loyalties are not recognized by what is basically a Marriott Property.


If I'm "off base" let me know - If you have a different opinion pro or con please comment.