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Options Must Stay at Marriott Grand St. Louis

Question asked by mosdet on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by carat

Hello Everyone,


My question is "do I have any ways to obtain a 3 night stay at this hotel when it is sold out?"


Information you will need to assist me:

Platinum Member for many years

Want to use points states their are no rooms available

Marriott Reward Platinum Hotline states hotel is sold out and no rooms are available (nothing they can do)

Dates of Feb 12-15 are not negotiable


Details - I rarely travel for pleasure with my points accumulation stemming from business travel.  It is disappointing that when travel is chosen for pleasure I can not use my hard earned points with my family.  These points were earned being away from my family and now that I want to use them with my family I cannot.

I am a real world person - I understand this is a business - I understand not everyone can be satisfied -  I understand there must be rules for the many that exclude the few - I understand there are many Platinum Members - I understand things just aren't fair

I do also understand that I have choices and am a continued loyal Marriott Member.

Is there anything I can do, or do I stay at the Drury Inn which apparently is nearby for the event I am attending?


Your advice or assistance is greatly appreciated.marriottmarriott


Thank you for your time in reading this.