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Are others unhappy with mattresses at Fairfield properties?

Question asked by greer2 on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by drchucklesboomboom

Staying 2 nights at Columbia NW/Harbison in SC. Way too soft. Told this is standard mattress. Also that no bed board is available. I have canceled a future booking at this propert. I phoned 1-800 customer service nigh of arrival. Tina was sympathetic. She said message sent to front desk where I could discuss issue in a.m. Went to desk. Clerk unable to respond with obtaining a bed board. Asked re: Manager call. Left message with cell number. If all properties use this bedding I will need to stay in different category. Never had this issue before. Is this the norm? Is this property an outlier? I appreciate consistent experience with Marriott brand. Loyal rewards member seeking information for future stays.