Platinum Customer Care experience

Discussion created by justincfreem on Nov 13, 2015
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I am curious as to whether or not anyone else has gotten the basic brush off by customer care and had your issue dumped right back to the hotel.    In my situation I stayed at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galerria Oct 19th through 21st.   I utilized the Marriot website to make the reservation and check in online with the app only to arrive and they had no record of my reservation.  I specifically had reserved the concierge level and they tried to given me a lesser quality room at that same higher rate,  took me pressing to get put where I had reserved.    A waste of almost 45 minutes for something that should have been 5.   I they asked if I wanted the arrival gift or the points and I requested the points only to not receive them.    Then to top it all of my Bose noise cancelling headphones mysteriously disappeared from my room and I got the run around at the hotel for over 2 weeks.   I called into Customer Care and all they did was route me to the hotel and I am still dealing with them now almost a month later.  I had left 2 different messages for the GM Joel,  who never called me back,  left various other messages at the hotel with no return call until I finally connected with the loss prevention manager.    I couldn't believe that customer care basically just said it is a hotel issue and reconnected me there and did nothing further.      Highly frustrated and of course now getting the run around through the insurance process.   I am out $300 and highly considering leaving Marriott and taking my 120 plus nights a year with me. 


Any one else get this kind of blow off?