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Need help reaching customer care

Question asked by suchfun2travel on Nov 9, 2015
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Yes... I'm one of those that registered just now to post a question but to be fair, I was unaware of this site until I had to search for help .  I'm really glad to be here and hope to continue participating going forward!


That said, as I do a fair amount of business travel and use Marriott exclusively, we managed to spend a great deal of our summer vacation with the family at various Marriott properties across the country.  We encountered a very concerning issue at a Springhill Suites in California and quite honestly, I can't believe how the situation ended up being handled; or not handled.  Out of respect, I will not dive into the details here nor have I posted such details publicly but I've all but had it and apparently Marriott could care less if I switch to another chain.


Is there a duty manager of sorts or escalation manager that would handle such matters?  I've given up on the customer care email process as it's becoming a rather ugly finger pointing game between me the customer and the manager (who should have their franchise license revoked).  I have a ridiculously long chain of email threads I'd like to forward and move beyond interacting with the specific local manager of this property as they are not interested in working things out


Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you!