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Finding the front section of the Atlanta Journal featuring the moon landing inspired me to spend some time looking for news headlines I'd saved over the years. They've been stored away in various locations, and I was able to locate one of the collections over the weekend. I know I have more squirreled away and will continue to look for them, but I thought I'd post those I've found. Politics, war, and sport were the reasons these papers were put away for safe keeping. I invite you to add images of old papers you may have -- each is a snapshot of history, and looking back provides insight (that comes with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight).


I know I have some papers somewhere that detail the attacks on 9/11, but they weren't among those I found this weekend. But I did find the accounts of G.H.W. Bush's Operation Desert Storm from 17 January 1991:

us attacks.JPG

The next day the Atlanta papers ran a full-color "viewer's guide" to the campaign:


Also from 18 January 1991, the arrest of Aileen Wuornos, the "Interstate Killer," who was convicted of or confessed to the murders of seven motorists along Florida interstates. Her story became the basis for the 2003 film Monster, which starred Charlize Theron as Wuornos:


Fast-forward to the biggest news of 20 December 1998:


But some six weeks later:


And then there are the more local stories, such as the Atlanta Falcons securing their one and only berth in the Super Bowl, with Ray Buchanan, Jamal Anderson, and Head Coach Dan Reeves performing the "Dirty Bird." From 18 January 1998:


A couple of days later, Dec 21st, the AJC ran this front page story about the US Rep chosen to become House Speaker. Um, no longer scandal-free:


And finally, the Super Bowl results from 1 February 1999: