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Hong Kong advice please?

Question asked by clebert on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2015 by ramoneur

Spouse has surprised me with a request to visit Hong Kong.  This was brought on by a write up in the Delta airlines magazine, so kudos for the editorial staff at "Sky" magazine.  Since I have extreme wanderlust and will go anywhere, I'm on board 100%.  As with most of our trips, Spouse wants to bring the children so that they can have "an educational experience."  We have sufficient MR points for just about any option.  Any advice on Marriott properties, airlines, and stuff to see/do in HK?  We would visit in June, probably.  We have stayed at everything from the cheapest FFI to the most luxurious RC.  Spouse prefers a suite when traveling with the kids, although it's not absolutely necessary.  We will likely upgrade to business class if we can do so without breaking the bank, and I've heard Cathay Pacific is wonderful.  But we have FF miles with American and United (and a few with Delta).  We try to look for bargains but also prefer not to cut too many corners when traveling as we like to be comfortable.  Kids will be just finishing 3rd and 6th grade at the time, and they are both experienced and well-behaved world travelers (if I do say so myself).  ramoneur, are you a HK guy, or just mainland China?  Anyone out there with advice, please?