Obtained Platinum Level (...and Shanghai Renaissance Yangtze's way of congratulating me)

Discussion created by ramoneur on Nov 7, 2015
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when I checked out last Wednesday (at the Shanghai Yangtze Renaissance hotel) I asked the front desk staff to please make some (special) haste with posting my stay to my Marriott Rewards account,

since with those nights I would become Platinum Elite (i.e. my 75th night);

and they did!

the nights got posted within 2 days and I even got an email congratulating me on obtaining Platinum level :-)


([bla]it is a little bit of my pet peeve to complain about the inaccessibility of a Marriott tied-in CC; so I herewith do this; I had to stay an actual 72 nights having only 2 roll over nights and a birthday credit night; and yes, for most of you road-warriors out there this is nothing, but my wife doesn't agree on that point[/bla])


but it get's better!

upon checking in last Friday at this hotel, I got greeted by many of their staff (even the general manager :-)), congratulating me personally on obtaining the Platinum level;

I even got upgraded to a suite for the occasion (very nice room btw!)


and it get's better still!

in my room I found a personalized welcome card - next to some fresh fruit and a bottle of red wine - wherein the Renaissance staff personally congratulated me with my new Platinum level;

this was really, really nice;


I already appreciated the very nice room-upgrade

but the personalized card really showed me they went the extra mile for me


I love this hotel