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How do you travel?

Question asked by katiec on Nov 12, 2015
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Ladies weekend in Savannah, GA


I like having a travel partner. And I have a few…my husband for authentic adventures in new places, my best friends from high school and college to hit the town in one of our favorite cities (usually the Southeast), my coworkers for business travel and late-night brainstorming. I’m not much of a solo traveler (except for my Australia adventure


I love hearing about solo travel, and it always sounds so wonderful when other people tell me about their experiences. It’s not for me.


The best part of traveling is sharing my experience with others. Talking about the delicious food or the cool little shop we discovered, laughing about funny little things that happen along the way or getting lost/finding our way together. I have absolutely NO sense of direction, by the way, which could be one reason I don’t like traveling alone.


One of my travel goals is to get my entire family on board for a destination family reunion. I am always impressed when I see these large groups in hotels. My family is not so easy to herd.


So, how do you travel? Solo? Do you have a travel partner or group? And what do you love about traveling with them?  Looking forward to hearing from you! And I would love any tips on wrangling a group as well.


Happy travels, Insiders!