Staff at new Fairfield Rochester, MN Mayo clinic going downhill

Discussion created by karibare on Nov 12, 2015
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As a Marriott loyalist I love the welcoming staff at the hotels. Being Platinum PRemier I expect great service. Because of the long stays and frequesnt trips to Mayo clinic, we moved from the Marriott Downtown/Mayo Clinic to the brand new Fairfield Inn Mayo Clinic. On our first trip the staff was wonderful. On our second trip you could tell the sparkle was starting to wear down. We just checked in tonight for our third trip and I was appaled by the fact that as my husband and I struggled to load four suitcases/4 carry ons onto a luggage cart, two staff members just stood there and watched not once offering to help. There was no one else in the lobby and they weren't even working on the computers, they were simply standing there and staring. Rest assured, I will not be staying here again and my family who is set to come in a couple days has already been moved to a different location.