Hilton Head Marriott Resort and Spa

Discussion created by pilotbuff on Nov 8, 2015
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Snake what snake?

While enjoying a family vacation at this hotel I almost stepped on a snake.

After I let out a scream the poolside bartender said  “oh you must have seen a snake”

as casually as you can imagine. I asked if he knew that snakes are in the area.  He say yes they eat the mice and rats that live in the grasses and under the decking.  I went to talk to the front desk and they claimed ignorance about snakes in the area.  Here's what upsetting:  They post signs about the alligators, about swimming at your own risk. But choose not to mention the snakes.

After doing a quick internet search I found that deny, deny, deny  is they way this and other hotels on the island handle the snakes on the island.