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Branson, Mo. RI, is fortunate to have, Becky!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by jerrycoin

Having stayed at this fine hotel for the past seven years, I would like to thank a special Marriott "Housekeeper'!


Becky, has always taken wonderful care of our room, and is such a sweet person to enjoy a conversations with.  Yes, the entire staff at this hotel is like "Visiting Friends", but it is not often that you find someone so devoted to making your stay so comfortable.  This time, we had a great laugh together and we surprised her with one of her favorite desserts "Carrot Cake", it was from the world famous place, "Dino's, she really enjoyed it!


If you have similar wonderful experiences at The Branson RI, please share!



Becky, took time to show the wonderful "Carrot Cake" from the World Famous "Dino's"!


This "Greek God", is known the World for his Piano Playing and fantastic pasty!


Thank-you all for a wonderful stay, and especially, Becky!