Courtyard Coffee

Discussion created by gborken on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by bigmrm

I was told that Courtyard hotels stopped offering free coffee in reception area so that more business would be driven to the Starbucks shop that is not prevalent in every Marriott.  Furthermore, why is there a Starbucks?  Why not make agreements with local or regional coffee shops if you want to go that route?  I and the majority of people that I travel or vacation with go out of their way to NOT purchase coffee from a Starbucks.  We will search out a local shop to get our coffee.


Do you really think that offering free coffee is going to drive down your sales?  People who want to drink that type of coffee will most certainly buy that coffee whether or not you offer free coffee.  When is the corporate greed to go after the last dollar going to stop?  What are you going to stop next?  Free use of the gym?  Free wifi?  Why not charge to use the pool?