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Online reservation rate vs. actual paid rate?

Question asked by matsgone on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2015 by doddsy69

I recently reserved a 2 nights stay at the Marriott Courtyard in Lima, Peru via Marriott's website.  The reservation was made in US currency as per the website.  Now, when I checked-out of the hotel, I was charged in the local currency, PEN$ which turned out to be a little more expensive.  In this case, it is not of any real concern to me because the price difference was not big enough to raise a fuss as I got the cheaper weekend rate and only stayed for 2 nights but I guess it could become a concern if I was to stay for an extended period of time.


I was just wondering if it was a normal occurrence when booking through Marriott's website as it had not happened to me before.