Am I being taken for granted?

Discussion created by buckshot on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by brightlybob

I am a current Platinum Elite with Lifetime status. Even though I continue to stay at least 100 nights per year, the last two years it seems as though my loyalty is being taken for granted. Time was I used to get a room on the same floor as the lounge or, at least, one of the Elite member floors. That rarely ever happens anymore. Today I checked in with a colleague. We booked our rooms at the same time. My colleague is at a lower status and years away from Lifetime status at any level. They got the Lounge floor, I got the lower floor. I like the convenience of being on the same floor as the lounge or an adjacent floor. I know it is a small issue, but seems as though my loyalty is not appreciated as it was a few years back.