Buffalo Marriott Harborcenter

Discussion created by kurtzie on Nov 3, 2015
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As a frequent business traveler, I appreciate the consistency that I get from Marriott locations. We all know some are better than others, but you know what to expect. I'm currently staying in the Buffalo Marriott Harborcenter, and I'm not happy. The hotel was just opened a couple months ago, and it very nice in most ways. The room, lobby, bar, and new M Club lounge are all good. The big problem is that there is no desk and chair in the room. Instead I'm currently sitting on a couch with a raised coffee table acting as a desk. This is horribly uncomfortable after a pretty short amount of time. Also, the nearest power source is about 5 ft from the coffee table. I don't think I've ever seen a hotel room without a desk. I could understand it in a tropical location that's only visited by people on vacation, but this hotel is in downtown Buffalo. As a business traveler the lack of a desk in unacceptable. Next time I'm in Buffalo I will just stay across the street in the courtyard. Not a huge issue for me, but certainly lost revenue for Marriott.


I spoke with the front desk, and they said none of the rooms have desk as part of a test by Marriott. That said, test failed. Please install desks, and don't let this become a trend in other locations.


Sorry this post is primarily negative as the hotel is quite nice. Any vacationers will really enjoy it, but no desk is frustrating. Especially right now as I've been hunched over uncomfortably working for the last 2 hours.