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Advice on Rome hotels for a weekend

Question asked by rhoke813 on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by monisame

Hello! I am booking an anniversary trip for next summer with my hubby. We will be taking a Greek island cruise but plan to stay in Rome for the weekend prior to the cruise. I am looking at booking either the Marriott Grand Flora or Boscolo Exedra Roma Autograph. I can use points for Boscolo, GF not available, but I may have depleted them on a trip to NYC in April with my daughter so right now points are not the deciding factor. Comfort, location and amenities are.


Has anyone had experience staying at both hotels to compare? Lots of great reviews on MGF so I have that one booked for now in a top floor superior (hoping for a platinum upgrade to a JS). Has anyone been upgraded there? Also I haven't read anything about comped breakfast and/or a concierge type club. Do either of these hotels have one or both?


Thanks for the help!