Signing Off as an Insiders Community Manager

Discussion created by joshm on Oct 28, 2015
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Hello gang,


As a member of this community the past two years, I’ve immensely enjoyed my experiences with all of you. From talkin’ ball with iahflyr to discussing the impact our community managers have in the forum with erc, constantly being wowed by jasper100's videos, kharada46's and sg1974's photos to the light hearted rabble-rousing of the community as they are constantly looking to optimize their travel experiences, this place has taught me a great deal about what it means to help people who all are seeking the same thing. That thing being a memorable experience worth sharing.


I am making this post to you all in my final days representing Marriott Rewards from within the forum, as I will conclude my service on Friday.


Some of you are aware that I am very much a lifelong lover of sport, athletics, and the brands that support athletes in their endeavors. My next adventure will involve those ideas directly, as I will soon join an organization that is very sports-minded and well connected to athletes and sports brands around the world.


This is not a farewell. I very much intend to maintain my involvement in the forum, just without the ‘M’ next to my profile That being said, I hope to join you all in constantly sharing experiences and insights while traveling (hopefully more than I have up to this point!) and sharing amongst you all. You have been, are, and will continue to be in good hands with lindseyh, deannad, carat, katiec and melissaerb. You know all of these names well, and they are absolutely fabulous individuals who have been instrumental in building the Insiders community into the sharing and caring network it has become.


To conclude this post, I want to thank you all. This forum (and the people within it) are a testament to the kind of relationships people can build with one another, even in the digital space, as it relates to folks looking to share stories from around the world, their own backyard, and their favorite hotels.


Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it all.