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Discussion created by workaholic2015 on Oct 26, 2015
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Good evening!


I'm hoping for some help.  I purchased 2500 points through the Marriott Vacation Club program on Saturday in Vegas.  I have until Wednesday to cancel if I want (Nevada state law) and I'm looking for some advice.  I paid $29,000 one time fee and will pay $1500 per year in maintenance fees.  I believe my cost was 11.62 per point.  I have no idea if that's a good deal or not.  I'm only 33 years old and LOVE to travel.  I'm really looking for a good investment for my life and time away from my stressful job.


I'm not worried about the $29,000 as much as I am the maintenance fees that will continue to increase.  Does anyone know at what rate they increase each year...on average?  Am I crazy to have done this?


Who can tell me about points rolling over?  Can they roll over year over year?  There are going to be some years that I can't take a big trip.  Thoughts?


I'm just looking for some sound advice.  Thanks so much in advance.