Outstanding Customer Service

Discussion created by iahflyr on Oct 24, 2015

Tonight, Saturday a friend I used to play church league basketball and softball with is having a concert in Beaumont, Texas, which is about 80 miles to the east of Houston.  Some of you may have heard of him, Chris Tomlin.  Yes, while he was just getting started with his wonderful gift of praise and song he was a worship leader at our church and what a great kid.  Have seen him in concert earlier this year yet far too many people around to get close to him to even just wave so when we found out he'd be playing there tonight we said lets go to a much smaller venue in hopes of being able to get close enough to at least wave and say hi, then we can stay at the Extended Stay Hotels Beaumont | Residence Inn Beaumont which is very close to the arena the concert will be held.


As luck would have it a Hurricane that probably devastated some small villages in Mexico is bringing the possibility of some 10-14" of rain to us here in Southeast Texas.  The very last place I want to be is driving to/from Beaumont in that situation as there a a couple of rivers that get very full very fast and then there are bayous that end up overflowing on to roads etc. 


Nope, not taking that chance and putting us in danger so last night I called the hotel to tell them I needed to cancel my reservation knowing full well the cancellation timeline had already past, but with these extenuation circumstances I figured they'd understand and not charge me for cancelling after the deadline.  I got a nice young lady at the Front Desk name Brittany on the phone and after explaining why I needed to cancel told me that her manager would be in Saturday afternoon and she'd have the manager call me so we could talk about the situation.  I asked if there wasn't a manager there on duty and she said no, just me and she did not have the authority to cancel it without me getting charged.  So I told her to have the manager call me today.


My wife and I went out for an after dinner walk and when we returned had a message on the phone from dear Brittany that told us she went ahead and cancelled our reservation without charge.  AWESOME!!!  I called her back to thank her for her wonderful work of which she was thankful and told her I'd be writing a message for other Insiders to read.  She had no idea what Insiders was so I told her to get on the Marriott site and she'd find it.

Way to go Brittany and for your help with our reservation as well as being the only person on duty at the hotel I commend you and ask that you be given a "Spirit to Serve" award.


laurac please nominate Brittany for this award.