My attempt at Platinum--Newb question

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Hi everyone,

Long time Marriott customer but did not really focus on points, etc until this year.  I signed up for the Credit card and was fortunate enough to setup a few events for a golf company which has earned me elite nights.


So here is where I stand:

Nights Detail

0 nights needed to renew Gold Elite level

11 nights needed to achieve Platinum level

  • Nights stayed15
  • Bonus nights49
    • Promotional:0
    • Rewards Credit Card:19
    • Rewarding Events:30
    • 2014 rollover:0
  • 2015 total64

So a few questions:

1.  If I do nothing for the rest of this year, then in 2016 I will be gold status right?  And My 15 nights for having the credit card will hit next year and then do I get 14 rollover nights for being >50?

2.  I REALLY want to make it to Platinum but my travel will not allow that to happen by December (stupid me thought I had til Feb since that is when I got the credit card).  Id love to be able to say I can get the 11 nights by spending $33K on the card but there is 0 chance of that happening.

So, Im assuming being within 11 wont get me a generous nudge into platinum right?  I do have an event planned at the end of Jan that would get me the 11 I need, but guess it will be too late?  If so, could I "buy" the 11 nights to get me where I need to be?  I looked online but most of the "buying" were for people that had already achieved a certain level and wanted to keep it.

Sorry for the lengthy post, great site!