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Contact Info for a Billing Complaint

Question asked by mjfrench on Oct 23, 2015
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I haven't had a complaint with Marriott before, and I've had a few stays with them as a Gold-guy, but I've got one now.  I'm looking for a street and/or email address for a billing complaint.


Here's the 45-second version:   I screwed up and reserved 2 rooms in Louisville on the wrong dates (2 days too early).  Yep, my fault.  I arrive in Louisville and I'm waiting to get my checked bag at the airport when I receive two emails, one for each room, thanking me for the stay that I haven't had yet.  I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I quickly determined that there was a problem (aside from not receiving my luggage).


I called the reservation line on the back of my Rewards Card and the nice lady attempted to get two more rooms, informed me that that hotel was booked, and obtained on-the-spot reservations at a nearby Marriott.  Then, after placing me on hold for awhile, came back and said that the situation had been rectified and that I would not be charged for the two rooms and erroneous reservation.  I was overjoyed.


Days later, I discovered that I was charged for both rooms.  I relayed my story by email to the manager and she said that there was nothing she could do, that I would be charged, and that I never spoke to anyone at her hotel who said I would not be charged (I spoke with Marriott reservations, not her hotel).


I'm upset about three things and one of them is my fault (the initial reservation).  I've never done that before and I've made a lot of reservations in my time.


The two other things that have me upset are that I was told that I would not be charged and that the "tone" of the email from the manager telling me that nobody at her hotel ever told me that I would not be charged (I never said that anyone from her hotel did, I said that the lady that made the new reservation did).  Rant over, can anyone help with corporate contact info (the actual hotel was no help)?  I just want to vent to them and let them know that the local hotel was not help and would not provide me with any contact info for someone else.


Thank you for your time!