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Pattaya vs Rayong

Question asked by pranavn on Oct 19, 2015

We're a family of 3 (5 year old kid) looking for an overnight trip to tag on to a 3 day Bangkok excursion. We are torn between 2 Marriott resorts - 1 in Pattaya and another in Rayong along a beach in the 2-3 hour drive time from Bangkok. I'm planning to use my Cat 5 award night for this and the Pattaya hotel is a cat 5 while Rayong is 4 so the Pattaya one seems like a better deal on the face of it. However, the Pattaya Marriott seems to be wedged right in the town centre in a commercial zone while the Rayong one seems more secluded and resort like with a (nicer?) beach. Looking for recommendations on what would be a better option? PS: we are huge foodies and if either of these has great Thai restaurant onsite (or even easy access to good food stalls), that would be huge plus!