Security concern for valuables

Discussion created by m-hotel-traveller on Oct 29, 2015
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This week I am at a Marriott property and saw something rather disturbing.  Here's what happens:

About 10 am the first maid comes to room to re-stock towels and empty trash,  She leaves the entrance door unlocked (opened with security latch blocking full door closure).  She does this to all the rooms on the floor.

Second house maid comes by 5 hours later to do final cleaning of bathroom, make bed, vacuum, etc.   Meanwhile, my hotel room has been unlocked for most of the day and I would think that would make any valuables left in the room (extra computer, tablet, etc) vulnerable to theft. 


Yikes! I thought when I leave the hotel room in the morning that my room door would remain closed for the whole day except when cleaning maid is in room.  I didn't think they would leave everyone's room unlocked and open to outsiders.

This can't be good hotel and hospitality management practice??


Yes, I should sit down and have a thoughtful, thorough and engaging conversation with the hotel manager about this issue..... but wait, I actually work when I travel and my time is limited.   However, for the sake of all Marriott guests, I should probably address this issue..   I doubt this is the only property that does this.... but at least now I know  (and feel a little less secure).