When did your love for Marriott Properties begin?

Discussion created by prius_for_life on Oct 14, 2015
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For me personally, I was introduced to Marriott properties when I was younger thanks to my father. He was a Medical Device Contractor (Engineer), and so as a result he frequently stayed at Marriott properties, and he became quite fond of them. As a result of this frequent staying at the properties he eventually became a lifetime platinum elite member. Unfortunately, he passed away in April, but my love for Marriott properties lives on. During one of his job stints, we decided to tag along with him, and we ended up staying in a Townplace Suites for over a year with him! This is where the love for Marriott began. For me only being 20, I have high hopes of becoming a lifetime platinum elite member sometime in my life. I am currently a Marriott Rewards Credit Card Holder, and I use it for all my is essentially the only credit card I use. In the past year or so, between stays and points i've been able to accumlate 20,000 points toward lifetime status so far. Granted it isn't that much, but it's a good start.


So tell me, when did your love for Marriott properties begin?


Do you stay at Marriott properties exclusively, or do you try to stay at Marriott branded properties as much as possible?


Why do you love Marriott so much?


I look forward to everyone's responses.