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Anyone else stay at the remodeled Marriott Marquis Atlanta?

Question asked by t75jwk1 on Oct 13, 2015

I stayed at the Marriott Marquis Atlanta last week and was in a remodeled room - not a fan.  The room was sparse at best and not equipped for business travelers or more than 1 person in the room.  There was no desk - only a small round table with a single if there is more than one person in the room - find someplace else to sit.  There isn't any carpeting in the room - hardwood floors which showed dust that wasn't cleaned up well.  Also there isn't a dresser or any drawers to put your clothes in - very strange.  There was an "coffee table" thing against the mirror on the wall and stored my things "out in the open" just to get them out of my suitcase.


The executive lounge while beautiful and offering excellent views of the city - didn't really offer much in the way of variety of food (especially for breakfast - the exact same items 5 days in a row).  My other complaint was I am a Diet Coke drinker and the lounge was completely out of diet sodas 2 nights in a row - out of Coke products in ATLANTA!  I inquired if more would be brought up and was told that there wasn't any available in the hotel.  I can forgive 1 night but 2 nights in a row seems like poor planning (I was there at approximately 7:00pm both nights).


I decided to voice my concerns - however, the front desk was extremely busy so I took myself over to the concierge as no one was there and had a great experience with Eric (new to the property 2 weeks)....told him my thoughts and he agreed that having Diet Coke available shouldn't be a problem.  He took my name and rm number and took it upon himself to purchase/find 3 Diet Cokes (cold even) and send them to my room with a very nice note.  I went out of my way to find him the next day and thank him - great attitude and customer service oriented - hopefully he will be a general manager at the property some day and I will go back.....probably not until then.


Disappointed since I have stayed there with the old rooms - while they needed updating, I would take the old room over the new one any day.  One last item - I mentioned some of the issues I had at checkout and was promised additional points.  I did not receive them and was required to call customer service (who called the hotel) to get them credited to my account.