Poor Service, Poor Show for JW Marriott Cherry Creek

Discussion created by bard on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by jamesdean

I have stayed at the JW Marriott Cherry Creek hotel in Denver, CO twice a year for the last 5 or so years, and it has always been great.  I loved this place and actually enjoyed being on the road knowing I was staying at this property - until my last stay in early October.  At first everything was, as always, great and once again I enjoyed my stay at this hotel, until I received the bill sent to me via e-mail once I departed.  I was charged $250 for smoking in the room, but I don't smoke and I didn't smoke in this or any room in the hotel, EVER. 


I called the property’s Accounting Department and the gentleman who took my call said that a "glass pipe with resin on it" had been found in my room after my departure and thus the reason for the charge. I tried repeatedly to explain that I do not smoke at all, or ever in the room and that the pipe was not mine to no avail.  I tried to talk to the front desk manager who was "not available" so I left a message and never hear back.  I tried to talk to Director of Operations at the property who was unavailable and has not returned my messages.  They are eager to charge me but won’t talk to me.


What is truly troubling is that the hotel is assessing a $250 fee without any effort to reach out to me or demonstrate ANY customer service at all.  No phone call, no attempt to contact me. no benefit of the doubt, no review of my many past stays (and behavior as a guest), no consideration of my patronage, no attempt to verify if I am even a smoker.  No customer service, just a $250 charge.  If a "glass pipe with resin on it" was found in the room it does not mean it is mine and even more importantly, it does not prove that I actually smoked in the room!  More likely than not it proves the room was finally cleaned properly and this “pipe” which had been laying there for god knows how long was finally found.


Be aware that Denver's recreational marijuana laws bring in many people on business and pleasure looking to enjoy this local freedom and these people can stay in the same room as you. The staff of the hotel is providing a great disservice to the chain and the property by refusing to talk with me and charging me without consent or actual proof that smoking took place in the room. Should one now assume that if an actual smoker stayed in a room and left an empty cigarette box in the trash that this constitutes "evidence" of "rule violation" and "probable cause" for charging $250?   


The reality is I do not smoke, cigarettes or marijuana, and I did not smoke in the room and the alleged pipe found by the "diligent" cleaning staff was not mine.  And despite the fact that I frequent that property regularly and I am a Marriott Awards member, senior management can do nothing but disrespect me and treat me with contempt and animosity.  I can understand a disagreement if there is an effort made to work it out.  But no communication at all?  Most disappointed by the senior managers' behavior at this hotel. No professionalism, no customer service, and no appreciation or care for my patronage. I loved the property but WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN.  Beware, because this can happen to you too, whether you did or did not do something, is all up to what the cleaning staff finds after you leave regardless of what you actually did or who owns the property in question.  Truly an utter failure and poor show all around by the senior management at this property.