More on Birthday Elite Night Credit (no)

Discussion created by micheleatl on Oct 12, 2015
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Since the post seemed to be closed - missed by a couple of hours and a subject that clearly raised concern among Elite members, I wanted to add my variation of the problem.  My birthday was 10 days ago (2015(, I promptly responded to my birthday wishes from Marriott which had the offer of an Elite Night.  Nothing happened, so I called tonight and the representative tried to convince me that I had received that 2015 birthday night in November of 2014.  I kept questioning why then did I receive the email and birthday wishes 10 days ago and she kept insisting I was wrong, wrong, wrong.  What kind of response is that to a Platinum Elite member.  She could have offered the night for my trouble and I would have been perfectly satisfied instead of writing this post. 


I feel like Marriott is the Oscar the Grouch of unbirthdays.