Given a room already occupied - Spring Hill Suites Downtown Chicago

Discussion created by klbinatlanta on Oct 14, 2015
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I checked into the Spring Hill Suites Chicago Downtown / River North on September 30, 2015.  A one night stay.  I use the key, go into the room, start unpacking.  Use the restroom - and look over and see a man's ring, a phone charging....and I freak out.


I then take in my surroundings a little better.  Set of man's shoes beside the desk.  Suitcase on the floor - all neat.  I would not have known anyone was in the room - except for these items.  We gave you wrong room......yeah....right.


WHAT IF there had been someone in the bathroom?

WHAT IF this has turned out badly.


I have had this happen to me before in the early 2000's in San Diego.


Management did not do anything other than move me.


I asked for the room to be comped - nope - we cannot do that.  I asked for points - and was offered 1000.  Come on.


Let's think about the man that had the room I was allowed to enter.  He would be very upset to know someone other than hotel staff had been in his room.


Never heard a thing since from hotel management. 


I travel 150+ days a year and expect more of Marriott.


Kat in Atlanta.