The Tailgate Experience

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There are numerous reasons to fall in love with autumn (see what I did there? ). One of those reasons, and maybe the best part of the fall season in my opinion, is the conglomerate experience that is a spread of delicious food, a cold beer, and a seat to watch my favorite football teams as they return to the gridiron for another season!


There’s a word for the above amazingness: Tailgating!


Most of my tailgating has been spent at Reser Stadium in Corvallis, Oregon. Home of the Oregon State Beavers.




The Beavs boast a great tailgate experience. The exterior parking lots are filled with alumni and current students that have reserved spots in which to set up camp. Lots of orange and black, tons of food, and lots of noise! While I attended Oregon State, most football games were played in the morning (10-1PM local time). This never stopped folks from arriving at dawn and lighting the grill to prepare for the day’s game. If the game was played at night, well, the tailgate went all day long!




From dogs and burgers to chicken, steak, and everything in between, the tailgate spread is absolutely delightful. Accompanying the protein-heavy array of foods are the dips, potato and macaroni salads, slaws, and, of course, about as many different types of chips and crackers that exist.


I have engaged with lots of you regarding sports fandom at many levels (college, professional, varying sports). Now, I have a question and request for you all:


Have a tailgate experience? Who were you rooting for? What did you eat/drink? Do you have tailgate recipes you like to use? Did you take pictures?




I’m kidding; but seriously, I want to know how you folks experience the tailgate. This doesn’t have to be focused on football either, as I’m aware that many of you tailgate for baseball games and events like concerts as well!