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New Program Changes?

Question asked by drubin333 on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by muppetwrangler

Anyone read this today?


The article hints at the following program changes from an anonymous source:


  1. Cash and Points awards There will be a fixed redemption chart, the way that Starwood has, that discounts the number of points required for a standard room redemption. In other words they’ll offer ‘real’ cash and points, not what they currently call cash and points (“combining redemption nights and cash nights” in one reservation).
  2. Points sharing with no requirement that points are shared only with immediate family. It will cost $10 for base members and silvers, and will be free for Gold and Platinum members.
  3. Points Advance is something Marriott actually already offers now, but it will become a published benefit. You’ll be able to book awards that you don’t have enough points for, as long as you have the points prior to your stay.
  4. Reward nights will count towards elite status. Elite credit on redemptions that count towards status.