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Seattle, WA

Question asked by ukgirl on Oct 6, 2015
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So I spent a week in Seattle and was booked into the Springhill suites (not a usual for me).  The checkin was awful, after interrogation I was finally given a room (it was booked under a different name and they wouldnt believe me and called several of my collegues) that wasn't too bad it was the smarmy fake smile the guy purposely gave me after we were done (he knew I was angry). I gave him my marriott credit card and he didnt offer me anything, I asked about an upgrade, No, I asked about points, are you a marriott member? Smirk smirk...YA I just gave you my card with number on it and status?? Regardless, the breakfast seemed nice, except for the tall lady who works there, she absolutely STUNK everyday of strong BO and refused to replenish the eggs 15 prior to close.  It really put me off the food. Location wise is ok except there is a homeless park opposite the hotel, so....depends on what you want