From JW Marriott to Ritz Carlton Seoul

Discussion created by jaez1018 on Oct 12, 2015

After all my unpleasant experiences with JW kangnam, I've finally decided to try Ritz-C.

Overall, I've had a VERY pleasant stay at Ritz.  I was pleasantly surprised with how the staffs greeted me with a great respect and I felt very welcomed and comfort being around the hotel overall.  From the moment I got out of the car, the staffs were eager to take my bag at any minute to the front desk.  I couldn't walk around the lobby without being asked by someone to carry my bag! Thank you =) The front desk staffs were very proficient and made the check-in process as smooth as possible with a free upgrade.  Even though I checked-in around 8PM, I asked if I can get my suit pressed and delivered by 6AM the next day, they said, no problem! In my mind, "Ok, a good way to compare with JW. Let's see how these guys do..." BTW, JW lost my suit for hours the next day. The moment I walked in to the room, the staff was waiting at the door to pick up my suit and committed to deliver ASAP!!! VERY satisfied!!!  The staffs in the lounge were super friendly, helpful, and always greeted me with sincere smiles.  Didn't feel like formal or forced smiles, but warmhearted smiles. As I was checking out, the staff looked I was holding a laundry bag and offered to exchange to a gift bag instead.  Attention to details!!! Wow! She also greeted me to the elevator! Again, very impressed! Now I understand why a lot of my co-workers have switched to Ritz from JW.  This hotel is very well managed and staffs are well trained.  I've already expressed my satisfaction to my colleagues and I will definitely revisit again.


The only dissatisfaction (or improvement) was, my room smelled like cigarettes over time.  Not too bad but a person who's sensitive to air might also notice it.  The bathroom lights seemed too deemed and would've been better if the rooms were a bit newer.  The closet door didn't stay open and kept closing, which was kind of annoying because I couldn't look at the mirror more than a second.


Overall, very satisfied and was good way of comparing two luxury hotels.  Plus, Ritz didn't feel like zoo at all.  It seemed pre-exclusive and less crowded. Highly recommended!