Fantastic Frankenmuth! (MI)

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Oct 11, 2015
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Having always been a Christmas Lover, I have now been to "Nirvana"!


This must be the Christmas Capital of North America, and well deserves that title! 


You have two great choices of places to stay, The Fairfield or Spring Hill Suites, staying at The FF, was wonderful!  The town was really a place for tourists and if you like to enjoy a wonderful room, ($100), and walk to great shopping and meals, this place is for you!  Here are a few photo's!  If you have more, please share, and let us all enjoy!


Clean and wonderful staff, Karen, really treated us fantastic, and this is the location you will enjoy!


Wonderful sights, just outside the hotel!


You can enjoy a great river ride, and this photo is from the Frankenmuth Brewery, just across the street from the hotel.  ( I was forced to visit,)


Don't forget to shop for your favorite sausage, at Kern's.  The "Hunter's Sausage" is outstanding!


There are so many sights within walking distance of the wonderful FF!


Enjoy, and please share your experience!