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what happens when your Elite-status changes whilst you are at a hotel?

Question asked by ramoneur on Sep 30, 2015

I need 9 more nights to be promoted from Gold to Platinum;

I have to be in China for 14 nights

I made reservation:

1) 9 days stay in hotel A

2) 3 days stay in hotel B

3) 2 days stay in hotel A


I am quite sure, that when I start my stay #3, I will have been upgraded to Platinum (nights/stays in China usually post to my account within 2 days);


...but, what happens with/during stay #2?

I will check in being Gold

I will check out having become Platinum


will I get Platinum benefits/rewards (i.e.: 50% iso 25%)?

will I get notified or something on day 2 of my 3 day stay, when I become platinum on day 2 (i.e. when the nights have posted on day 2)?


furthermore, should I inform the desk personnel that I am Platinum upon entering the hotel for stay #3?

they know me for being Gold, but not for Platinum

I am also a bit shy to ask for the benefits (room-upgrade, platinum arrival gift, etc.)...