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Are you kidding me....our hometown kids and I mean kids have found a way to get into the ALDS vs KC Royals!!!!!  WOW Crush City, here we come BABY and Houston is loving it.!


Who in their right mind would have said staring the 2015 MLB season that the team who had lost 300 plus games over the last few years would show up and be in the chase for a chance to play in the World Series?  NOT ME


Last time the Houston Astros even thought of being in the post season was 2005, World Series against the White Sox.  It was horrid.....4-0 Chicao wins.


Now some 10 years later they have a group of kids who are simply incredible, full of energy and trust their teammates to take another step.  Names like Altuve, Springer, Keuchel, Correa, Marisnick, Castro, Mc Hugh, Ramus, Gregerson and then the Manager AJ Hinch are going to make it deep into the post season this year and be way ahead of where others including myself thought they'd be. 


Rookie of the Year.............Carlos Correa

Managerof the Year............AJ Hinch

Cy Young Winner...............Dallas Keuchel (gotta change his first name to Houston)


Come on Marriott..give the H-Town kids some love.