Marriott Room Design, Innovation - Revisited, Expanded

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In addition to the Wall Street Journal feature, here's the Washington Post's take this morning:


Change the lights, redo the mirror: Hotels use fake rooms to test ideas - The Washington Post

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Folks might be interested in this Wall Street Journal feature about Marriott's evolving room design:


here's a video: How Do Hotels Design the Ideal Room?

here's a print story: Secrets to Creating a Better Hotel Room - WSJ


This is really interesting stuff:


Results from the traveler surveys revealed that most people don’t unpack their suitcases anymore. So Marriott is shrinking the size of closets and reducing the number of hangers, particularly in hotels that get a lot of business travelers staying just one or two nights....


Desks are shrinking. Over the past three years, Marriott has shrunk the desks in its guest rooms by about 25%, from about 8 square feet to 6 square feet.  ...


In its AC and Renaissance brands, Marriott is moving to what it calls deconstructed bathrooms. The toilet and shower remain in the bathroom. The sink is open to the rest of the room, with a frosted glass divider providing some separation.


Another must: speedy Wi-Fi and the availability of outlets to plug in devices. (About a combination of 10 electrical outlets and USB ports, are needed ... since the typical traveler totes five devices.)


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end of 2015 addendum/supplement, offering a unique (and, frankly, unhelpful) perspective) from the WSJ - Homey Hospitality: Lessons from Luxury Hotel Rooms - WSJ :


HOMEOWNERS MAY NOT realize how much a sojourn at the Four Seasons can teach them about decorating a spare room. Jacksonville, Fla.-based interior designer Phoebe Howard, though, knew to heed the lessons of luxury hotels when she set up this guest room for a couple in Madison, Ga.

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