Chairmans Club?

Discussion created by whatalife! on Sep 30, 2015
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My wife and I are currently on a six week tour of Europe and the

Mediterranean. We have been to Paris, London, Amsterdam,

Munich for October Fest, Vienna, Venice, and now

finally in Rome, soon to be leaving for a 12 day Crystal

cruise of the Mediterranean, and to date nobody has heard of

the Chairmans Club at checkin!  We have stayed in nothing but

9 star Marriotts and Ritz Carltons. I mentioned the new Chairmans

Club during our first few checkins and I received odd,

suspicious looks. In Amsterdam a deligent receptionist

even asked upper management, and still no knowledge

of this so called Chairmans Club.  So what really are the

benefits other than bragging rights which gets you nowhere?

It's really been an embaressment, I actually thought I may have dreamt

it up, but I could have sworn I received a letter, which I

did in the mail sometime in March. I was relieved to

Google Chairmans Club and actually found that it exists.

I actually have 33,000 vacation clubs points a year to use,

plus at the moment 1.5 million Marriott reward points,

more than double the requirement for this new Chairms Club status,

but still don't understand the benefit.

Obviously I am a believer in the system because

as others have mentioned it really gets you

motivated to travel and see the world. I am mostly

proud that I have been able to share this program

with family and friends which has created lifetime

memories, and especially to hand it down

to our children and their families which is really the value

of it all, because they get it all free other than the

yearly Assoiation Fees they will have to pay, which

is nothing when compared to the vacation value

they will receive for the rest of their lives.

But in the meantime it would be nice if Marriott would

educate their upper management of these new levels

and their new benefits if any?