Possible email leak from Insiders site

Discussion created by timandjulz on Oct 5, 2015
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I use a special email address for every website.  For Marriott Insiders, lets call it WebSiteMarriottInsiders@mydomain.com.


I am now getting phishing emails to the above address.  The email subject "WebSiteMarriottInsiders@mydomain.com You Are Exceeding Your Mail Limit."  The email is signed "administrator".  The email tries to get me to click a link to a bogus website.


Kaspersky warned me about the site when I tried to open it (giving a slightly modified URL).


It appears the Marriott Insiders website has either been hacked or one of the companies Marriott shares information with has been hacked.


Your website team can contact me if they want to discuss or have the evidence forwarded to them.


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