Wedding Payment - Marriott Rewards Credit Card

Discussion created by user163 on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by pointjunkie

Hi, I'm planning a wedding at a Renaissance property and am considering getting the Marriott Rewards credit card to pay for the wedding due to the 5 points / $ benefit.  Does anyone have experience doing this?  I'd like to confirm that my understanding is correct, mainly:

- We'll receive the standard Marriott Rewards points from Marriott per our wedding agreement

- In addition to the typical Marriott rewards points received, we'll receive 5 points per dollar spent in rental and catering expenses on our card at the Renaissance

Do I have this correct?  In general, when staying at a Marriott Property do you get both your Marriott Rewards points for the stay as well as the 5 points per dollar through the card?  Also, my fiance is likely the one who will sign up for the card.  Does she need a Marriott Rewards account before signing up or will one be created for her when she gets the card.  Many thanks in advance!