JW Marriott Seoul - Worst managed hotel

Discussion created by jaez1018 on Sep 29, 2015
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My frustration and anger are still lingering after I talked to Marriott customer's service.  I think the public has to be aware of how this hotel is poorly managed.  I'm usually not a person to complaint and try not to give people in service business any hard time, but something has to be done here.


Recently checked out on 9/29/15.

This time my family had to experience how poorly this hotel is managed.

My sister got bug bites on her neck and has rashes all over her neck.  When she told this to the front desk lady during her check out, she wasn't given an apologize but asked if that was the only place that she got bitten. As she was implying, "Is that it??" Bathrobe was so nasty and had to be replaced. She found pubic hair on her bathtub. The service at the Cafe on 2nd floor was horrible, not to mention the food quality was even worst. 

The list goes on...during my stay a few months ago, I missed my business meeting because they couldn't find my suit, and had me wait for hours to find out that they weren't even cleaned.  The staffs apologized but asked not to post any negative comments on the hotel homepage. I don't think I can let this one slide by. 

One of my close coworkers found a used condom next to bed one time and never once came back to this hotel.  I didn't think it was no big deal when I heard the story but the horrible experiences keep happening.

JW Marriott is supposed to be a luxury hotel. There is nothing luxury about this hotel.

As a loyal Marriott member and a long time guest to this particular hotel, I'm so disappointed at this hotel and how poorly managed nowadays.  I'm so pissed off that I'm actually wasting my time right now to write a review on this horrible experience.

I've had enough of this BS service.  I will NOT recommend to anyone else, I will NOT stay at this hotel any more, and move to Ritz Carlton down the street.