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Marriott New Look...Dislike Business Traveler?

Question asked by golfslicer39 on Sep 22, 2015
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I am a Platinum member and have been a loyal Marriott customer for years. I have enjoyed great experiences and Marriott has regularly produced a great product with great service.  Last night, I read Bill Marriott's blog about honesty and a manager meeting that he chaired.  He goes to great length to promote an idea of standing up and sharing your thoughts.  In that blog, he mentions how he killed an idea based on negative feedback from a junior manager.  That is awesome to have that kind of environment...then somebody needs to share that the new room updates are TERRIBLE for the business traveler...complete waste of update money!


I have had the chance to stay in a few of the newer designed rooms (Marriotts and Marriott Marquis) and I am blown away at how poorly the rooms are designed for the business traveler.  Here are the new things that I feel are a complete MISS:

-The small workspace-Gone are the big desks!  I am writing this email on a small table that is 30 inches off the floor (real treat for a 6'4" frame).

     -This small round table  (36 inches across) is a horrible work surface for email/paperwork.  

     -On plug that now caused a tripping hazard with the computer cord (assuming it is long enough)

     -What about a plug for my phone...doesn't exist

-NO WORKLIGHT!!!  Wow...

-They moved the wardrobe across the room-furthest from the bathroom

     -The ironing board is there...but no plug in the you have to drag the thing across the room every time you need it.

-No rug...wooden floors

-No phone on the little table

-Tiny chair


The bathroom remodel was it is not all bad.


I completely understand and agree with the need to update and keep things fresh.  However, I have trusted Marriott to cater or at least satisfy the needs of the business traveler.  The new look rooms are a miss...shouldn't somebody mention that to Mr Bill Marriott?


Has anyone else seen the newer rooms?