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San Francisco:  Ritz or Marquis or Marriott Union Square?

Question asked by sellinrain on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by marr10ttguy

My wife and I are flying in for a romantic getaway in a few weeks and planning to use Reward Points to stay over a long weekend before heading up to Napa.  Currently the only "high end" Marriott properties available to use points during our stay are the Ritz, the Marquis or the Marriott in Union Square.  The Ritz requires what seems like a premium number of points (180,000 per night) compared with the other 2 (120,000 for the Marquis and 135,000 for Marriott Union Square).  Can anybody share an opinion about which of these properties would be best suited for us?  The reviews of the Ritz online tend to make me want to select one of the 2 others, particularly given the much higher points requirement.  Also if someone could confirm that the concierge lounge at the Marquis is still open 7 days a week that could also factor in our decision.


Thanks in advance!