BOGUS 48 Res Guarantee - Terrible Service!!!

Discussion created by jptraveler on Dec 8, 2009
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Bill - Terrible experience with your Res, GES Team and The Renaissance Hotel Hollywood Mgt trying last night trying to make a res for Jan!

You use the excuse that a hotel is blocked out due to an event whenever it is convenient for you so that you don't have to adhere to your policy!  A hotel only books up for 2 reasons Bill: 1. Peak Season and 2. Special Event in the City or Hotel, so it's easy for you to pull your Special Event EXCUSE Card when you don't want to honor your 48 hour policy!  I would understand it if the event was in the hotel and it was all taken up, but not when the event is elsewhere.  Why then are all your surrounding properties avail and not blocked out?  This is a SCAM!!!

I guarantee you that at least 80-90% of the guests staying that night did not already log over 200 nights in your properties this year Bill.  I made several calls last night to just get you more business and frankly all I got was script readers and not cust service agents (not 1 person cared not said I'm sorry).  I also received terrible service on the phone form Todd the rooms dir when I spoke with him.  He purposely sent me back to cust serv know that they would only have to call him back to discuss my res (this after the Plat cust serv agent just sent me back to Todd w/o even telling me that she was).  Several hours waiting last night and now this AM just to wait for Bruce the GM to make a decision!!!  What a rediculous waste of time.  I can't believe that your org would in such a short time upset me enough to write this and even consider leaving the Marriott.

Bill - There are many choices these days any loyalty like mine is harder to find since business travel is at an all time min.  How can you treat your custs like that?  ...and why would I now want to stay at a property that doesn't want me there! 

TERRIBLE SERVICE given to one of your highest members!  JP